Google Ads Consulting – Consultation on Marketing Campaigns with Google Ads

We provide Google Ads Consulting as a service to promote sales items, service offerings, lead generation, or customer acquisition. The consulting is always closely aligned with your business model in e-commerce. If it is advantageous for your branding, we also take care of increasing your virtual reach.

Google Ads Consulting on Advertising Features in Shop System Developments by Hob by Horse

Google Ads Consulting involves providing specific advice to online shop owners on improving their Google Ads campaigns. As developers of Google Ads tailored to your e-commerce, we can thoroughly examine every further action for improvement potential through a concrete analysis of the current situation, compare it with competitors in your industry, and develop targeted customer advertising directly to the audience. Since markets, consumer habits, and trends are constantly changing, we recommend consulting as part of a comprehensive package of services. This way, you reduce the part of your marketing that might otherwise miss the target audience due to significant dispersion.

Contents of Google Ads Consulting

Hob by Horse offers you consulting services for targeted marketing campaigns and their success without unnecessary dispersion:

  • Advertising Goals and Conversion Tracking
  • Account Review and Status Quo
  • Quality Factors and Landing Page Quality
  • Analysis of Ad Texts
  • Reach and Budgeting
  • Targeting and Audience
  • Keyword Lists and Bid Management
  • Ad Scheduling, Demographics, Remarketing
  • Strategic Alignment for Targeted Marketing of Your Online Shop

The first step in consulting is assessing the current state of your Google Ads account, including settings, historical performance, seasonal effects, and unique selling points (USPs) related to your products and services. If past campaigns have missed your target audience, we identify potential weaknesses and tailor new campaigns with customized settings. As development professionals, we leverage a comprehensive set of analysis and development tools to ensure your success in e-commerce.

Industry-Relevant Google Ads Consulting

The precision with which Google Ads reaches your customers depends on the alignment with your industry and customer habits. Example industries where you can more accurately reach your target audience with your campaigns include the health sector, cosmetics, fashion and lifestyle, financial services, and educational institutions. The selection of search results with click success for your online shop is also meaningful for all industries in manufacturing, such as the automotive industry, aerospace, or shipping. Hospitality and gastronomy have ever-changing search behavior, and meeting these habits requires regular consulting with adjustments and adaptations. Other industries with high reach and analytical success in Google Ads strategy include real estate, finance and investment firms, and packaging manufacturers and waste management companies.

Advantages of Google Ads Consulting by Hob by Horse for Your Target Audiences

As a target audience of Hob by Horse, you benefit from Google Ads Consulting by having the option to individually add supplementary services according to your budget and needs. For our service, we leverage our experience and tools based on proven best practices from market experts. Your target audience feels consistently up to date and comfortable in your online shop, increasing the likelihood of becoming a loyal customer. By integrating Google Ads into the optimization process of your advertising, your B2B or B2C target audience gets to know and appreciate you as an advertising professional, always staying current with the market trends. Such appreciation is the recipe for success in building an authentic and widely accepted corporate image for all traditional and global players in e-commerce.

Whether you need a specific service or want to hire Google Ads Consulting as a complete service, Hob by Horse is ready to answer your phone inquiries and promptly respond to an email appointment request!