Process Analysis of Functionality in Online Shops

Fast, beautiful, and easy are success criteria in e-commerce for the functionality of an online shop. With process analysis, we make visible how well these and other criteria are met. Based on the analysis results, we develop improvements tailored to your business model and the demands of your target audience.

Thorough Process Analysis by Hob by Horse

The term process analysis refers to the systematic dissection of all processes in the online shop into individual parts. Each element is tested for its current functionality and evaluated for weaknesses. Improvements are faster and easier to implement on such a detailed scale than in the overall complexity. One reason for the analysis could be an existing online shop that has not been updated for a while. It also makes sense to adapt processes in a newly developed online shop to changing user requirements immediately. Our work for your e-commerce is characterized by methodical procedures and the right tools for improvements.

Strategic Methods and Approach for Process Analysis

For a meaningful process analysis, Hob by Horse follows these methodological phases:

  • Four Analysis Phases: Identifying processes - Recording processes - Presenting processes correctly, completely, and uniformly - Evaluating processes .
  • Interview Method: Conducting interviews with executives and employees familiar with the processes to understand the current work methods and tools used.
  • Workshop Method: Organizing impromptu workshops with specific objectives for department-specific projects and the project participants involved.
  • Questionnaire Method: Providing relevant analysis assistance for IT executives in the company for quantitative process analysis.
  • Workplace Analysis Method: Useful as a review of current responsibilities and individual activities in the process for us as external consultants.

This methodology is well-suited for workplace-related process optimizations and can be individually expanded for company-wide optimization.

Process Analysis for Innovative Shopping Experiences Across Industries

The insights from process analysis give rise to all the aspects through which your online shop reaches customers in manufacturing and processing industries, the fashion sector, and the lifestyle segment. It makes online shopping in government agencies and institutions understandable and accessible by segmenting them appropriately. Market relevance, achieved through a fast, easy, and understandable product offering, is crucial for success in the automotive industry, furniture and machinery manufacturing, agriculture, education, healthcare, as well as in research and development or the maritime, aviation, and aerospace industries. Don't think your online shop is too small for improvements. Even with a small range of food and souvenirs, you can enhance local and regional market positioning through optimized processes in the online shop.

Process Analysis by Hob by Horse for Better Target Audience Alignment

The analysis goal may include determining the target audience appeal in B2B trading activities and improving the shopping experiences for specialized customers. In B2C, constantly chasing new trends is less effective. Instead, updates should focus on providing easy shop navigation and customer-friendly order processing. Design and functionality must also be distinguishable from competitors for the D2C target audience. Process analysis helps expand the existing shop system with interfaces or add additional automated processes when optimization is needed. Perhaps, over the course of your E-commerce business, the target audience has changed, or you are planning a restructuring for other market segments. In such cases, adapting to the market for your business model becomes much easier when we thoroughly understand the current situation and your company's structure.

Do you want to initiate a process analysis now and start co-creating new trends with your online shop tomorrow? Then, schedule a consultation with Hob by Horse by phone or briefly describe the problem and/or the desired solution in an email! With an objective perspective, we can identify all the improvement-relevant details and implement the optimization with our expertise tailored to your business model.