Project rescue for websites and meaningful continuation until success

To develop a visually appealing and technically well-functioning website, comprehensive planning is necessary. In the implementation, weaknesses in the planning phases often become apparent, which can potentially jeopardize the success of the project. With website project rescue, we pick up your project at the crisis point, find solutions, and implement them for a successful completion.

Project Rescue for Websites by Hob by Horse

There are at least as many potential causes for the stagnation of a project as there are project steps and participants. Communication problems, vaguely formulated project goals, or incorrectly assigned responsibilities are possible. Therefore, every website project rescue begins with the search for errors. We have an advantage as we objectively assess the entire project without the risk of operational blindness. We formulate solutions based on identified weaknesses. This allows your teams to resume constructive and deadline-oriented work. The project goal can be achieved with a comparatively small budget based on the previously accomplished project steps.

Steps in the project rescue for websites

Alongside all project participants, these approaches are effective in the project rescue for websites by Hob by Horse:

  • Error analysis: What is the overall budget, and how much of it has been spent, along with the results achieved so far? Where do we find conflict points within the project team or in the technological development stages of your website? What cooperation obligations still need to be fulfilled? We work through the previous project implementation with a much longer set of questions. Each answer reveals stumbling blocks that can almost always be quickly and easily resolved.
  • Approach communication: We communicate the current project status with the responsible leaders. We present proposed solutions strictly according to the original project description. The goal is to convince project leaders of the advantages of continuing the project as an alternative to discarding it.
  • Project Continuation: We secure existing project progress in a way that it can be successfully continued with future solution ideas. In this process, we are at your disposal with consulting, impulse workshops, and our technological support.

Project rescue for websites – a worthwhile effort in all industries.

Project rescue for websites saves a lot of time, money, and nerves. The challenge of complex issues affects the fashion industry as well as the medium-sized trades of craftsmen and service providers, in marketing and production alike. All project approaches in e-commerce are sensitive, but this also applies to websites of event agencies, travel organizers, or authorities. Large corporations, as well as institutes and producers in the pharmaceutical and research sector, rely on project rescues for financial reasons and to solidify their corporate image. Our clear view of the big picture is beneficial for all industries. Because we are not industry experts, we can analyze problems, solutions, and advantages impartially. Many solutions do not need to be industry-specific but can be sensibly applied to their individual business models by the experts in the project team.

Benefits of website project rescue by Hob by Horse for your target audiences

The outcome of the website project rescue is invisible to your target audience. B2B visitors encounter a well-structured, visually and tactilely inviting site with many opportunities for active engagement. What may seem simple for B2C audiences involves complex development steps in the background. However, from a technical perspective, the best site is not necessarily the most complicated one, but rather one that ensures the simplest operation with the most modern solutions based on the principle of 'keep it simple.' Shopware 6 provides us with comprehensive tools for this purpose. As necessary for presentation in the D2C or A2A and A2C sectors, we complement it with additional virtual tools through custom development adjustments.

Can we assist you with website project rescue at a specific stage, or would you like to fundamentally reassess the project structure? Request telephone support from Hobby Horse or schedule a consultation appointment via email!