Project rescue - often the salvation of significant investments.

Automated processes in e-commerce are executed as projects. Each project is intended to be successful through the teamwork of various responsibilities. However, despite the involvement of many project participants, errors in certain project phases can thwart the achievement of project goals. In such cases, Hob by Horse's developments can rescue certain projects, aligning the milestones already achieved towards the desired end goal.

Hob by Horse's project rescue with features in Shopware 6

Project rescue involves a thorough analysis of the existing project, examining it for errors and shortcomings. Sometimes, it's just a single point that's missing, and at other times, project participants have operated under incorrect assumptions for their part of the project development. Through an objective, unbiased external perspective, Hob by Horse identifies even the smallest details currently causing the project bottleneck. You don't have to discard or restart your project. Instead, we work step by step with the features of Shopware 6 to develop solutions in the same manner as your team did before. The minor time investment for this effort pays off in the long run through the achievable success of your project.

Contents and process of project rescue.

The first approach to project rescue often lies in unclear requirements and inadequate formulations. Hob by Horse identifies whether these issues or a pending end-to-end assessment are causing the project's stagnation during the analysis. Subsequently, we proceed with the following steps for the rescue:

  • We thoroughly examine the potentially conflict-ridden project culture, budget and time overruns, compliance or lack of cooperation obligations, and lack of transparency in project progress. This helps us identify the danger zone and narrow it down.
  • We communicate identified problems and our proposed solutions to the stakeholders with the aim of obtaining permission to continue the project. We present our solution ideas for project rescue using Shopware 6.
  • The next step in the rescue process is to secure previous project progress in a way that aligns with our solution ideas, ensuring a seamless continuation.

With these steps, the failure of your project is initially averted. As your solution partner, we remain constantly by your side throughout the continuation until success is achieved.

Relevant industries for project rescue

Project problems affect all economically oriented industries, with larger corporate entities being more impacted than smaller businesses. Fashion, lifestyle, food, research, aerospace – the list is as long as that of Germany's economic infrastructure. It makes sense to consider project rescue when a project has already consumed a significant budget. However, there's no reason not to seek our help for small projects and limited budgets. After all, every e-commerce project involves a wealth of implemented or contributed ideas. These ideas, when successful, can generate considerable profits for the company and enhance its corporate image positively in the market competition.

Benefits of project rescue by Hob by Horse for your target audience

The target audience for successfully launched projects comprises either B2B clients or B2C customers. These can include organizations, user structures, or individuals, both in the private and corporate sectors. In the e-commerce realm, target audiences can also belong to the education or services industries. It is crucial that all these groups benefit from the rescued project, either through innovative products or services with high industry relevance and future prospects. Defining the advantages for your specific target audience is, by the way, also part of the analysis before implementing a project rescue by Hob by Horse. Ideally, through our service, you not only salvage the investments made so far but can also submit the project for EU funding with promising prospects of success.

Feeling stuck, looking to avoid necessary project rescue, or considering proactive measures to prevent potential failure? Hob by Horse looks forward to your call and promptly responds to your email! With our experience and the Shopware 6 platform, we are confident in finding and developing the best, customized e-commerce solution for you.