Speaker for Effective E-Commerce Presentations

Speakers serve as the bridge between online marketing and the traditional advertising format of trade shows and exhibitions. Leveraging our in-depth knowledge of your online shop and years of experience with successful e-commerce strategies, we effectively showcase your business model in person. Our expertise is valuable for impromptu workshops, seminars, and lectures aimed at IT industry professionals and online marketing students.

Book a Speaker for Your Company Presentation at Hob by Horse

Even in the era of digital commerce, direct engagement with the target audience remains the most impactful form of advertising. We offer our services for event planning and as speakers for your specific audience. The approach varies, whether it's internal engagement with your IT professionals or external engagement with trade show visitors, students, and promotional audiences. When you book our speakers, you benefit from short lead times, as essential knowledge about your business model and detailed information about advertising-relevant products or services are already available.

Occasions for Engaging Our Speakers

Speakers from Hob by Horse can moderate and contribute to various events tailored for your online shop and company employees:

  • Company Events: Whether it's a product launch, business expansion, or the introduction of your new online shop, company events bring the entire staff, including project teams, together in a less technical environment. Our speakers not only celebrate past successes but also provide strategic motivation for the next milestones in your e-commerce success.
  • Workshops: Impulse workshops are particularly valuable for your IT department leaders. They explain technological concepts, provide brainstorming impulses, and motivate teamwork with a clear goal orientation for projects.
  • University Lectures: Students in the IT and online marketing fields initially learn theoretical foundations. Our lecturers can turn these theoretical principles into practical, industry-relevant lectures.
  • Seminars: Continuing education is essential in the digital age, touching almost every employee. Our speakers transform your knowledgeable employees into experts in automations, advertising strategies, audience targeting, and performance optimization in e-commerce.
  • Trade Shows: Nothing is as audience-oriented as a trade show. It brings together all elements of successful advertising in real life. With knowledge about your business model and compelling rhetoric, our speakers captivate both industry professionals and consumers at a trade show.
  • Promotion Events: Even in a small exhibition space, you can cleverly showcase your products and services. Our speakers are a crowd-puller and can serve as consultants in the planning of promotional events.

Convince Your Industry with a Professional Speaker

Enthusiasm is sparked by competence. Our speakers convey expertise through vivid narratives and inviting communication. Industry professionals from fashion, real estate, hospitality, food, or automotive sectors can pose specific questions about a product or category. Our responses take into account the piqued curiosity about lifestyle products, insurance, the energy sector, or food. For the relevant industry of your business model, we serve as expert consultants who, through clear explanations, arouse needs, provide benefits, and direct purchase desires toward your products.

Captivate Audiences with Speakers from Hob by Horse

As diverse as the speakers are in their appearances at various events, so too are the target audiences. B2B industry professionals are interested in online shops with goods for other businesses, targeting their own B2C audience. Manufacturers are best presented in the D2C market because the speakers can convey insider knowledge directly from the development department to the target audience.

Do you want to present your products competently and excitingly through a professional speaker? Call Hob by Horse with your upcoming event details or book us for seminars, readings, or workshops via email!