Usability Consulting for Continuous Improvements Online shop

We offer usability consulting as a service for existing online shops or new developments. It involves various assessments of the current user-friendliness and potential improvements for individual adjustments or complete overhauls. Even an online shop that is currently overlooked can achieve better market positioning and more customer engagement within its industry in e-commerce through this service.

Usability Consulting by Hob by Horse

Usability, loosely translated, describes the user-friendliness of your online shop. More precisely, it is not just about the manner of usage but also the offering of numerous user interface options from which your target audience can choose the relevant ones. Customers tend to repeat enjoyable shopping experiences. o achieve this, we optimize usability right from the development phase of a website using the features of Shopware 6 and our other software solutions. For existing online shops, we provide consultations regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the current version, support teams in their project work, and carry out adjustments and extensions for your e-commerce platform upon request.

Usability Consulting for Maximizing Potential in Multiple Phases

Following your briefing, Hob by Horse offers individual consultations or a comprehensive concept for usability consulting, including:

  • Analytical Consulting: This includes activities such as target audience analysis, process analysis, and consulting on existing projects before a project rescue or takeover.
  • Conceptual Consulting/Prototype Development: This area of consultation involves detailed concept development in e-commerce and web projects.
  • Design Consulting: As web developers, we pinpoint weaknesses in your current design. At the same time, we offer to better elaborate on design-related strengths and adapt them technically to the user experience (UX).
  • Review Consulting: During the review process, we define goals, specify results and focus areas, set review timelines, and align our team and your project team for the duration of the review. This includes assembling teams and providing suitable tools for goal achievement.
  • Relaunch Consulting/Requirement Engineering: An essential aspect here is requirement management. A relaunch aims for a complete redesign of your online shop, either retaining the same content or through a complete change in product offerings. New elements are introduced, and less efficient ones are eliminated.
  • Usability Training: These training sessions, in the form of workshops, provide valuable insights for enhancing shopping experiences and ensuring user-friendly interfaces, offering valuable input to your company's decision-makers.

Sensitivity to Industry-Specific Needs through Our Usability-Consulting

Within an industry, it's not effective to approach all B2B trading partners with the same messaging and functionality in your online shop. Our usability consulting sensitizes you to the expectations of specialized customers in manufacturing, processing, and research sectors, always focused on the success model of your business. In B2C interactions, simplicity and ease of understanding also play a crucial role. Products, services, and information provided by authorities must be presented and explained in a specialized manner for A2A customers and in a user-friendly way for A2C individuals. The most successful online shop in a given industry is not necessarily the most complex one; rather, it's the one with the highest information density, allowing all users to easily filter out the relevant details tailored to their needs.

Usability Consulting by Hob by Horse for a Better Understanding of Target Audiences in E-Commerce

Certainly, you know whether you want to sell your fashion items, lifestyle products, or tourist services to end consumers or specialized audiences. However, to adapt to the ever-changing market dynamics, you must precisely understand their trend interests, expectations, and user behavior. Through usability consulting, you can enhance your strategic alignment even for target audiences in the automotive industry, shipbuilding, furniture manufacturing, food industry, or in the education and healthcare sectors.

Would you like to book usability consulting as an impulse workshop or explore individual consulting offerings? Feel free to introduce your online shop to Hob by Horse and discuss your current consulting needs over the phone or via email!