Be bold, be different, be digital

That's why our teams don't just create basic websites, but instead design clever and distinctive digital systems. Dynamic content? Automated creation of landing pages? AI-based image creation? No problem!

Our flexible content management systems Drupalund Typo3 are always included.


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    Web development and rocess control with sophisticated digital systems

    Our specialty is the development of websites for e-commerce. We collaborate with Shopware 6 and other applications that align precisely with your development objectives. In this way, we create an online store that reflects you as a company, sets you apart from the competition and automates project management as far as possible.

    Your complex Online store with web development by Hob by Horse.

    E-commerce is a competitive marketplace where businesses strive for optimal placement, expedited responsiveness to customer needs, and a distinct design with a unique selling proposition. The term "web" only broadly describes everything related to digital marketing and sales processes. We are your solution for designing tailored digital systems for your business model. Our arsenal includes expert teams and a comprehensive toolkit featuring Shopware 6.


    System developments on the web for online store functionality are crucial to the success of e-commerce.

    Hob by Horse offers the following key aspects to consider in the development of your unique online store:

    • Conception: Developing a solid strategy is essential to success.
    • Programming interfaces: APIs (interfaces) are utilized to connect various features at the source code level and expand programming options.
    • User interface design: APIs (interfaces) are utilized to connect various features at the source code level and expand programming options.
    • Dynamic website content automatically adjusts to user signals based on the conditions predefined for your store, without the need for manual intervention.
    • Typo3: This content management system adjusts your website's design for both desktop users and mobile target audiences.
    • Automated landing page creation: simplifies web searches for your online store. The automation feature allows you to generate landing pages based on store system query specifications.
    • Drupal: With this application, we streamline your website with CMS-based features for easily-manageable complexity and clear functionality, even on large websites with numerous subpages, product ranges, and navigation details.
    • Project Rescue: No matter where you currently are, we'll lift you up, assess the project's progress, make modifications, pinpoint chances for growth, and ultimately navigate your project to success.
    • Project takeover: We enter ongoing projects similarly to rescue operations, but often, we can proceed with the same approach as in previous project stages.
    • Web support: The development of an online store is a continuous process. With the ever-evolving digital landscape, we stand as your reliable partner for updating, expanding, or completely revamping your online store.

    Industries on the web with relevance E-Commerce

    Various industries have relevance for e-commerce-from erotica to space research, from fashion and lifestyle to machine and tool manufacturing-manufacturers set up online stores targeting their specific audiences. The key to success lies in utilizing cutting-edge tools that enable you to tailor your website on the Internet to align with your business model. We specialize in effectively presenting and positioning your small online store, whether it specializes in garden or household products, a real estate website, insurers, or retailers in the education and healthcare sectors.

    With our Hob by Horse developments, you can precisely target online audiences and generate more traffic.

    To effectively cater to each target audience, it is important to understand their advertising preferences. B2B for retailers to other retailers, B2C from retailers to end consumers, D2C from the manufacturer directly to the customer without intermediary steps, or B2G from retailers to government institutions. Each group has unique expectations for ad format, content, and online store operation.

    Do you aim to stand out as the top e-commerce option for your target audience rather than blending in with the competition? Rely on Hob by Horse's experience and expertise. Contact us via phone or email to schedule a consultation.